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Celebrating 32 years in business, LMB Services has an excellent Safety, Performance and Payment record. It has never suffered a fatality, serious injury or failed to complete a single project or been subject of a collection or personal injury lawsuit.

LMB attributes its excellent safety record to the administration of its USACE EM385-1-1 compliant Safety Program.

At ALL TIMES, workers and job site visitors are REQUIRED to wear appropriate PPE. Weekly Onsite, Job Specific, Safety Meetings and Equipment Inspections are held at which all LMB workers and subcontractors are required to participate.
LMB conducts monthly supervisory staff Safety Meetings designed to keep LMB’s management team up to date with the latest techniques in educating and motivating its workforce to utilize safe work practices.

Drug-Free & Hazard
Free Workplace

LMB’s workers and its Subcontractors must participate in a random drug screening program. Cell Phone use is Strictly Prohibited on and in the jobsite in immediate work / hazard areas.
Insuring LMB’s stability, when called upon, LMB can provide a Surety Bond guaranteeing completion of the project and/or payment of its subcontractors and suppliers.
LMB’s Surety is CRUM & FOSTER an “A’ rated, treasury listed surety.
LMB’s Bonding Agent is Mr. Miller Hilliard with the R.A. Brunson Company. Performance and Payment Bonds are billed to the Client at the rate of 3% of the total contract amount.


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